Combined Data Search and Integration Project

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At the 13th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2016) in June 2016 the award for Best Demonstration went to a team from the Data Science Group at the University of Mannheim. The title of their presentation was "Extending RapidMiner with Data Search and Integration Capabilities".


We all know that large numbers of data sets have become widely available for download, but it is often difficult to find the right data sets needed and then to integrate them. This can be a major headache in the creation of a new data science project workflow. 


The team at Mannheim are developing an extension that introduces the concept of 'SearchJoins' combining serach functions with logic that helps the user to find relevant datasets for a given task as well as in integrating newly discovered data with data that they already know. Within a GUI interface the user can then make any needed corrections and refinements. 


Here's the demo:


A number of other materials have been made available by the Mannheim team. A pdf describing the demo is attached here. In addition you can visit:


http://web.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/ds4dm/  for an overview of the project


and download the source fils from GitHub here https://github.com/AnLiGentile/DS4DM





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