"How can I connect to a database whose driver is not shipped with RapidMiner Server"

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RapidMiner Server comes with database drivers for MySQL, MSSQL (JTDS) and PostgreSQL which can be used by processes right away - given an installed license which actually allows (open source) database connections. Other databases cannot be accessed by processes without additional steps.


To access other databases than the aforementioned ones, first make sure the database you want to use is supported by your license. Afterwards, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the JDBC driver *.jar file for the database into the modules/system/layers/base/com/rapidminer/main folder in your RapidMiner Server installation directory.

  2. Edit the module.xml file in the same directory and add the following element right next to the other elements with the same name (replace the name with the actual filename of the .jar):

    <resource-root path="name.jar" />
  3. If the database is not part of the default databases which are available in RapidMiner Studio, some additional steps are necessary:

    Open RapidMiner Studio and make sure the database driver for the database in question is setup correctly and can be accessed by RapidMiner Studio.

    If RapidMiner Server runs on a different machine / under a different user than the RapidMiner Studio instance you used to perform step a), do the following:

    • Copy the jdbc_properties.xml file from the .RapidMiner folder in the local user home folder to the .RapidMiner folder in the user home folder on the server for the user which will be running the RapidMiner Server instance.
  4. Restart RapidMiner Server.

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