how to run multiple subprocesses specified by table column?

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Hi, for example, I have subprocesses 1-10, and I hava a data table with a column with values 1,3,5, meaning I want to run subprocesses #1,#3,#5. How do I implement this?


I was thinking of combining "loop value" (loop through 1, 3, 5) with "select subprocess" but didn't figure out how.

(aslo "loopy value" requries nominal values, but "select subprocesses" expects an integer)


Any help's appreciated. Thanks!


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    Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,761 Unicorn

    Have you investigated using an Extract Macro set to Data Value to extract the values 1,3,5? Loop through that and pass the extract value as a marcro to a Select Subprocess operator?


    For the Nominal to Integer issue between the Loop and Select Subprocess, just add a Guess Types operator to aid in the coversion.

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