Change columns data in "First" and "Second" in Data to Similarity and ID column in Clustering

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Hello, I am pretty new to RapidMiner.

I have two columns from a csv file which I am doing some text analysis: Ticket ID and Description.

The text analysis is done on the Description column, while the Ticket ID is for labeling or ID purposes (I don't understand the difference).

I have build the process below:



Now this gives me two outputs, but I cannot get the Ticket ID as neither ID in the Clustering nor the columns data in "First" and "Second in Similarity:

Example set.JPGInstead of ID 1,2,3 etc. I want the Ticket ID to appearSimilarity.JPGInstead of the row number in First and Second I want the Ticket ID to appear


I have tried to set the TIcket ID to 'ID' in the 'Set Role' operator, but it does not seem to have any effect:

Select attributes.JPGFiltering of attributesset role.JPGSet role of Ticket ID to ID

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