Move 'Enable Operator' to top of menu

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Enabling and disabling operators is a menu item we use often as we work with RapidMiner. Can we move it to the top of the menu? It would be much easier to find and faster. So it would be an easy improvement of the user experience.



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    Also, is there, or could there be, a keyboard shortcut for it?
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    keithkeith Member Posts: 157 Maven
    Seconded.  Both suggestions would be great usability tweaks. 

    I'd even like to see it taken a step further -- if there were a way to double-click to enable/disable, similar to how adding breakpoints work now, that would be perfect.  Not sure how you'd do it such that distinguishing between toggling breakpoints and toggling enable/disable wasn't confusing.  Double-click the operator icon for enable/disable, and the operator text for breakpoints?  As you can tell, I'm not a UI design guy.  :-)
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    we have moved the enable option further to the top of the context menu. And, much more important, there is now a shortcut CTRL-E which will enable / diable the currently selected operator. I am not completely sure but probably this has also already been integrated into the latest Enterprise Edition update.

    Really a great addition. I use it for a few days now and really love it  :D

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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