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First of all excuse me if my question will seem silly to you!! I'm a newbie in RapidMiner and I need to perform this task:
I have a process and I saved it as xml. What I want to do is to call rapidMiner and execute this process starting from a python file; namely I want to write a python source file in which I call and run the process. Does anyone know ho to do or if it's possible?

Even if there is no answer for python I'm still interested in knowing if and how is possible to call rapidMiner and run my process from the console (Ex: Im lookin for something like "rapidminer process.xml")
Thanks for you attention!
I hope that someone can help me!!


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    Hi Lorenzo,

    welcome to our community! I have no idea if there is a better way from python but you can easily use RapidMiner from the command line / console. And you actually guessed correctly: just use the script "rapidminer" (or  the batch file "rapidminer.bat" on Windows systems) which is delivered together with RapidMiner in the "scripts" sub-directory. This script accepts a process file (XML) and performs it. So make sure that you can execute the script file (use "chmod 755 rapidminer" for example on a Unix / Linux system) if necessary and start a process by typing

    rapidminer myprocess.xml
    It might be necessary to add the "scripts" directory to your PATH environment variable to be able to invoke RapidMiner via command line from everywhere you want.

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