Macro variable for start time of process

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Hi,  I would like to request a automatic macro variable be created that contains the timestamp of when the process began.  I want to be able to automatically create files with related file name that are generated from a given run of the process.  e.g. a process creates 3 model files, a weights file, and a process log file. I want them all to have as part of the name %{process_name}_%{process_start_time}.

Right now we have the %{t} macro, which logs the current system time, but the system time will change over the course of a process running.  I want to be able to associate all the files written in a given run with each other, and to distinguish them from those generated by a different execution of the same process script run at a different time.



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    TobiasMalbrechtTobiasMalbrecht Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 295 RM Product Management
    Hi Keith,

    isn't it possible to just store the actual system time in another macro at the beginning of the process? I think it should be able to place a [tt]MacroDefinition[/tt] at the beginning of the process which maps the macro [tt]%{t}[/tt] to another macro. Using the newly created macro in the output file operators should do the trick.

    Kind regards,
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    keithkeith Member Posts: 157 Maven
    Hi Tobias,

    Yes, you're right, and I realized that about 2 minutes after posting my original.  :-)  Sorry for the brain lapse.

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