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Message from BasisTech


We are contacting you today about our DATA SCIENTIST CHALLENGE, running December 1st through January 1st 2017. Are you looking for an opportunity to show off your data science expertise? Have your work published by a leading text analytics software company? Improve your skills? Win awesome prizes? This is the contest for you.

Rosette brings meaning and insight to raw, unstructured text using a variety of NLP features: language identification, entity extraction and resolution, fuzzy name matching, and sentiment and morphological analysis. Rosette is used for a variety of big data analytics tasks: social media monitoring, customer reviews analysis, voice of the customer applications, information extraction, data enrichment, etc.


We invite students to use the Rosette API extension on Rapidminer to imagine a potential business use-case and create an analysis demonstrating how the two technologies perform together! Sign up for the Rosette API and use promo code CHALLENGE so we can give you access to our Starter plan for free (40,000 calls/month). If you're already signed up on our Free plan, shoot us an email and we'll bump up your calls manually. Get creative with the data you use and the visualizations you choose to show off your results. Once you're done, share your results with us (written description of your use case and the analysis performed plus graphs and visualizations that show off your results) by sending an email to jeanne@basistech.com before January 1st at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be revealed on Friday, January 13th! Will it bring you luck? 

Our team will pick the top three use cases and analyses to be published. 

  • 1st prize: $200 Amazon gift card + publication* on our blog and social media channels 
  • 2nd prize: $150 Amazon gift card + publication* on our blog and social media channels 
  • 3rd prize: publication* on our blog and social media channels 

Contact jeanne@basistech.com with any questions. 

We look forward to seeing your results! 


Basis Technology 

*Publication is subject to any applicable legal restrictions, at Basis Technology's discretion

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