read excel file limited to 156 rows ?!?

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I was doing a loop files process, which loops over different excel files, however, after completing, I get only a maximum of 156 rows for each excel sheet!!!

is this normal? is there a limit in this Rapidminer Version (7.3) for noncommercial users? I am just wondering why its limited to 156 rows.. this destroys my whole analysis process... and I didn't notice it before


EDIT: my fault, see my solution...


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    EDIT: Ok sorry, it was my fault, the default for the read excel operator parameter "imported cell range" was set to limited row of 156 somehow, on idea why, just deleted it and it now runs as usual!


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    I actually put 380 textes in the system. This system told me about 19.500 rows. Than I put 213 into it and the system told me about 19.756 rows. I`m a bit confused. Does anyone know how i can handle this problem with my non-commercial licence?

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