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currently I have 2 parameters (URL_TEXT, LEVEL_TEXT):


public static final String URL_TEXT = "URL";
public static final String LEVEL_TEXT = "Depth of a crawl";

public List<ParameterType> getParameterTypes(){
List<ParameterType> types = super.getParameterTypes();

types.add(new ParameterTypeString(URL_TEXT, "", "", false));

types.add(new ParameterTypeString(LEVEL_TEXT, "", "", false));

return types;

How can I set these 2 parameters as required?



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    I found another implementation in core:


    public ParameterTypeString(String key, String description, boolean optional) {
    super(key, description);
    this.defaultValue = null;

    So in my case:

    types.add(new ParameterTypeString(URL_TEXT, "Desc", false));
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