How to create a button that will automatically run or execute the created process

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Hi, I'm a noob to rapidminer studio 7. I have a website that accepts excel file and input from a user. I want to create a button on the website that when clicked the process will run in Rapidminer automatically without going to Rapidminer studio anymore and displays the predicted result. Is there a way to create a button that will activate the execute or run process in Rapidminer?


thank you.

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    january_febrojanuary_febro Member Posts: 12 Contributor II
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    Thank you for your response. I tried it as an app. The next step is the button will be created as a service in a form of xml? I'm confused about how to make it a service. I want it to be called from a site.

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    if you want to make a RM process callable from an external site you can use a RM Server webservice and embedd this.



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    Sounds like the perfect job for the Server version of Rapidminer. Check it out.

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