"Type not found error when using TokenSequence class"

drstevekramerdrstevekramer Member Posts: 7 Contributor II
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I'm trying to using the TokenSequence class:

public class TokenSequence
extends com.rapidminer.operator.ResultObjectAdapter
implements edu.udo.cs.wvtool.main.WVTTokenSequence

I am getting this error:
"The type com.rapidminer.operator.ResultObjectAdapter cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files."

I have added rapidminer-text-4.4.jar to my Eclipse project, and I've specified these imports, among others:

import edu.udo.cs.wvtool.main.WVTDocumentInfo;
import edu.udo.cs.wvtool.main.WVTTokenSequence;
import edu.udo.cs.wvtool.util.TokenEnumeration;
import edu.udo.cs.wvtool.util.WVToolException;
import edu.udo.cs.wvtool.wordlist.WVTWordList;

import com.rapidminer.operator.TokenSequence;

Any ideas of what might be wrong? Where is the ResultObjectAdapter interface defined?



  • drstevekramerdrstevekramer Member Posts: 7 Contributor II
    Because I'm using only the WVTool classes within the Text plug-in, I had neglected to add the core rapidminer.jar file itself to my project and classpath. Doing that and adding the import statement for com.rapidminer.operator.ResultObjectAdapter fixed my problem.

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