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Often I work with large datasets and RapidMiner Server. Now we all know that debugging with RM is currently (V7.2) a pain in the ass: You have to store results of single steps as objects (possibly large datasets) and then watch them. Now the results can be quite complicated (collections of collections) and on some path of the navigation tree there is an interesting large dataset that I want to check. When I double click on the object in order to browse it, RM downloads the *whole* huge object before showing it to me. This is especially horrible when you work remotely over a mobile connection :-(  It would be great if you implemented a preview() function for each object (like so: Gradient boosting: only show the number of trees and the first 10 trees, dataset: only show the first 1000 rows, ...) which gets executed on double clicking an object in the server repo before RM downloads the whole huge object. So the time interval between 'double click an object that resides on the RM server' and 'watching the result' will be really small. In order to compensate for the preview you could implement a button 'show me the whole thing' that then really downloads the whole object from the server.




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