"How to run Rapidminer Studio without installing it locally or, without admin rights"

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1. Go to https://my.rapidminer.com/nexus/account/index.html#downloads and download Rapidminer Studio for Linux. It will be a rapidminer-studio-7.X.X.zip file.

2. Unzip the rapidminer-studio-7.3.1.zip file to a convenient location on your system. It will create a folder named:  rapidminer-studio

3. Open the rapidminer-studio folder.

4. double-click RapidMiner-Studio.bat This is a batch file (.bat) that will perform the necessary operations and start your Rapidminer Studio


P.S. You can also download rapidminer-studio-7.3.1-win64-install.exe, right-click it and extract it with 7-zip or some other app just like above and follow the same steps. however, some security policies may not allow you to download .exe files.


Caveat: Your Java environment variables should be set correctly on your system or this will not work. If you don't have Java installed or those variables set, you will need admin privileges to install it and set the variables. You can find instructions on the internet on how to do this but as an example, I am going to paste an example here:


Start cmd as admin

Type setx JAVA_HOME "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_121" instead of 1.8.xxxx please use your version.

you should get: SUCCESS: Specified value was saved.
Then type: setx PATH "%PATH%;%JAVA_HOME%\";
again: SUCCESS: Specified value was saved

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