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I want to do a repetitive task. And the parameters for this task is given by a user (RM is open with the user). So, the user can continue as many number of times he wishes to carry on with the repetitive task.

But I dont want the user to change the parameters for each loop in the XML code. It needs to be interactive for the user. So, one way i could think of this to give the "CommandLineOperator", where i will call a batch file to ask an input (number), which again will be written to a CSV file. Then again RM reads this CSV file to take the parameter value supplied by the user. So, the user can continue with this commandline operator throughout the loop.

Are there any other ways of asking an input from the user? Are there any other user-interactive commands other than CommandLineOperator, which is suitable for my purpose?

Hope I am clear....

Thanks, Shubha


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    Hi Shubha,

    without writing a new operator asking for the user interaction via a gui element (like in the InteractiveAttributeWeighting operator), the idea of using the CommandLineOperator is probably the best thing you can do. So the idea is actually quite nice.

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    Thanks Ingo....

    Is there any operator which performs the above iteration(or looping iterator), as many times the user wishes to ?

    ...and once he/she terminates, the loop should terminate whichever the iteration it is in....

    Many Thanks,
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    This has already been asked, by you.,892.0.html

    Moderators - is this forum a private question session for Shub**** ?
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