"Quantile visualization has odd axes"

LewishamLewisham Member Posts: 11 Contributor II
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Hi again!
Work has gone on apace, thanks to Ingo  :D

I'm now trying to visualize my results. A good box plot, aka quantile in RapidMiner, chart, would be great.

However, RapidMiner is making odd axes:

The numbers along the y-axis have been turned into scientific notation, but they're real numbers in the range of 0-200 or so. There doesn't seem to be an option to edit the y-axis. How can I undo this scientific notation conversion, and just show the actual numbers on the y-axis?



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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven
    Unfortunately, you cant'. I agree it's annoying and it'S on the todo list for the next version.

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    LewishamLewisham Member Posts: 11 Contributor II
    Awesome, looking forward to it. I'll just do it by hand for now.
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