"Operator Toolbox 0.2 and Converters 0.2 are out!"

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By: Fabian Temme PhD.


A few weeks ago the RapidMiner Research Team published two new extensions to the Marketplace that are making a splash, the Operator Toolbox and Converters! We didn't stop there! Today I'm happy to announce the release of the version 0.2.0 for both extensions!  


New in the Operator Toolbox!


Introducing the Get Decision Tree Path.


Do you want to know why a Decision Tree classify a specific Example in the way it does? With this Operator, you can find out how. It works rather similar as the ‘Apply Model’ Operator, it takes a trained Decision Tree and an Example Set at its Input Port. But instead of calculating the confidence of the examples, the Operator creates a new Attribute holding the Path the corresponding Example takes in the Decision Tree.


This example process applies the Operator on a Decision Tree trained on the Golf data sample.

Image 1.pngGet Decision Tree Path Process

 Once the process executes, here are the results:


Image 2.pngGet Decision Tree Path Result


 Introducing the Generate Date Series Operator



Do you need some Date Time Series data, covering a specific time range and interval? Now you can ge that from the new Generate Date Series Operator. You can specify the start and end date and the interval from years down to milliseconds!


Check out the statistics overview for a daily date series for the year 2012, created with the new Operator:Image 3.pngGet Date Series Operator Results


Introducing the Get Parameters Operator


Sometimes you want to retrieve all Parameters of an Operator in your Process. For example, if you want to store all Parameters of the trained model inside an Optimize Operator, not only the ones which were optimized.


The new Get Parameters Operator enables you to do so. You specify the name of the Operator whose Parameters you want to extract and the Operator creates a new Parameter Set containing all Parameters of the specified Operator.


Here an example of the Parameters of a Decision Tree Operator:


Image 4.pngParameter Set Operator results


The Parameter Set can now be stored in the Repository, written to file with the Write Parameters Operator or used by the Set Parameters Operator. You can even convert it into an Example Set using the new Parameter Set to ExampleSet Operator in the version 0.2.0 of the Converters Extension.


New in the Converters! 


Introducting the Parameter Set to ExampleSet Operator


This new Operator converts a given Parameter Set (coming from an Optimize Operator or for example from the Get Parameters Operator in the Operator Toolbox Extension) into an Example Set.


The resulting ExampleSet contain one Attribute for each Parameter in the Parameter Set. You can even let the Operator try to estimate the type of the Parameter (Integer, Real, Nominal).


This is the result of the converted Parameter Set of an Optimized Decision Tree:


Image 5.pngParameter to Exampleset Operator


And finally...


Introducing the Normalization to ExampleSet Operator


Do you ever want to get a Normalization model as an ExampleSet? Now you can! This Operator takes the preprocessing model and creates an ExampleSet with the corresponding Attributes out of it.


Here the results for each of the four Normalization methods (Z-transformation, range transformation, proportion transformation and interquartile range, respectively) on the Golf dataset:


Image 6.pngNormalization to Exampleset Operator

Thanks to everyone in the community for downloading our Operator Toolbox and Convertor Extensions. We welcome any comments or questions you have. Just post them in the community forums! If you have any ideas for new operators for the toolbox or converter, just visit our Product Ideas forum and post your wish list items there. 







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