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Editors note: As a former live and in person trainer, these online training courses are a great way to go IMHO!  See the classes and link to more details.


This Spring, join us for the new online training season. We are introducing new options for our Data Science courses RapidMiner Basics Part 1 and RapidMiner Basics Part 2. For the first time, you can also enhance your data science skills in Text and Web mining with RapidMiner online. 

Can’t attend the live sessions? We've got you covered! We provide access to the live session recordings for 60 days after the class has taken place, as well as access to the instructor via a message board during that period. So don’t let the time zone or your calendar stop you from joining.

Weekly Lecture

Each course is delivered in a four-week program that runs on Mondays. It entails 2 hours of online, Instructor Led Training and requires amd additional 2 hours of offline lab and self-study time each week. 
RM Basics Part 1 and Text and Web Mining with RM starting Apr 3rd
RM Basics Part 2 starting May 22nd

2 Day Classes

This is a 2-day program that runs on Mondays & Tuesdays or Wednesdays & Thursdays respectively, plus an optional Q/A session on Fridays of the same week. For each course you will attend two 4 hour sessions of live Instructor Led Training, and spend up to 4 hours of offline lab & self-study time following each live session.
RM Basics Part 1 May 15&16
RM Basics Part 2 May 17&18

The content covered in the weekly lectures and the 2 day classes is of course equivalent so you can mix and match both delivery options as needed.

Analyst Bootcamp

The Analyst Bootcamp is a value bundle for people attending both 2-day classes during one season. Sign up for this bundle at the same rate as the individual 2-day classes and receive a complimentary seat on our RapidMiner Analyst Certification worth $250.


For a more detailed schedule of ALL events, please visit our Training page

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