What is the correct syntax to name a group?

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Hi there,


having some fun creating my own extensions, works out fine but I can't get my folder (group) names shown correctly when following the examples in the documentation. The operator is showing up nicely, correct name and icon etc, but the folders / groups keep having the key value instead of the wanted name.


These are my 2 files :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<operators name="myOperators" version="6.0" docbundle="com/rapidminer/extension/resources/i18n/OperatorsDocmyTest">
<group key="myGroupKey">

and this is the Doc XML


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" standalone="no"?>
<operatorHelp lang="en_EN">
<!-- This one works, my operator shows the name. -->
<synopsis>short synopsis</synopsis>
<help>Some more help</help>
<name>Operator name for testing purposes</name>
<!-- But this one only shows the key -->
<name>Group name for testing purposes</name>

So, am I overlooking something syntax wise? Do I need to use attributes instead of elements (or vica versa) when looking at groups, or are there other restrictions related to naming a key?


Apart from the folder name (I simplified the whole flow a bit in the provided examples) all works fine so i a bit puzzled on where thigns go wrong.





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    mmichelmmichel Employee, Member Posts: 129 RM Engineering

    Hi kayman,


    this seems to be a bug. As workaround you could use the fully qualified group key:

    <name>Group name for testing purposes</name>




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