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I wish to create macro starting from an object in java in Execute Script operator. In my example, I recover the date of a file and I wish to use it thereafter as macro in my RapidMiner process. I don't know how to exit this object of the Execute Script operator in the form of macro.


LastDate = Files.getLastModifiedTime(Paths.get("%{Way}")) ;

// and after ?

If not I had found an alternative by creating a table and while inserting the date inside. But I did not succeed in inserting this date in table.

(I am to help with this post)


LastDate = Files.getLastModifiedTime(Paths.get("%{Way}")) 

// create a table
MemoryExampleTable table = new MemoryExampleTable();

// create and add attributes
nominalAttr = AttributeFactory.createAttribute("File", Ontology.NOMINAL);
dateAttr = AttributeFactory.createAttribute("Last_Modify",Ontology.DATE_TIME);


// create a data row
DataRow row = new DoubleSparseArrayDataRow();

row.set(nominalAttr, nominalAttr.getMapping().mapString("%{file_name}"));
row.set(dateAttr, LastDate);

// add the row to the table

// create an ExampleSet from the underlying table
ExampleSet exampleSet = table.createExampleSet();

return exampleSet;


I am really thankful for every help from you


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    sorry for the late reply.


    This should do the trick:

    operator.getProcess().getMacroHandler().addMacro("Key", "Value");


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