How to get the sampling in Free Edition?

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Hi Experts,


Since I'm new user of rapidminer and currently I'm using free edition that supports up to 10k rows of data. Since my analysis case covers 20k+ records in an excel file, I'll need to downsampling for 1k records from this list so as to rapidminer free edition can support. May I know if rapidminer can do the "sampling" action for this case or I need to do the sampling action in the excel file by myself?


As I tried to add data directly into rapidminer, it pops up the attached screenshot message that I believe rapidminer read first 10k records only but I would like to consider remaining 10k+ records when doing sampling. Any advices / recommendations? Many thanks!




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    I believe RapidMiner will sample randomly the 10k rows from your 20k data file. To test this I would add a sequentially numbered column (e.g. 1,2,3,5..20k) in the spreadsheet and then load that in, set it as an ID and then see if the rows are randomly selected.  

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