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I'm trying to cluster an exampleset with some missing values. I'm using "impute Missing Values" with the k-NN inner operator. I can see (with breakpoints) that the exampleset is fine right until it reaches the Impute node, but the inner k-NN operator apparently receives an empty example set. I've set the attribute selection filter to "all" for the impute node including special attributes (I only have an id attribute), and I've checked the boxes for "iterate" and "learn on complete cases".

I'm not sure what's going on. The process was working fine until a day ago but when I tried to execute it today, it's throwing me the empty example set error during missing value imputation. I've attached the process xml.


Thank you.


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    Okay, so turns out re-loading the excel file using the Read Excel operator solved the issue. But I wonder why did it happen in the first place? Because I could see the data being passed from one operator to the next in my previous attempts without reloading the excel and just executing it from it's last saved state.


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    That's very strange. Let us know if this happens again. 

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    It is happening to me right now :(  Ill try your fix.
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