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RM Server putting all tables in the Postgres public schema

rachel_lomaskyrachel_lomasky Member Posts: 52 Guru
edited December 2018 in Help

I got RM talking to Postgres, but instead of putting its tables in the schema I indicated, they are all in the public schema.  Is there a way around this?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
<entry key="db_driver_path">data/jdbc/postgresql-9.3-1101-jdbc4.jar</entry>
<entry key="db_driver_path_is_relative">true</entry>
<entry key="db_driverclass">org.postgresql.Driver</entry>
<entry key="db_password">mypass</entry>
<entry key="db_port">5432</entry>
<entry key="db_schema">rapidminer</entry>
<entry key="db_system">PostgreSQL</entry>
<entry key="db_url"></entry>
<entry key="db_user">myuser</entry>
<entry key="server_service_id_overwrite">null</entry>
<entry key="eula_accepted">true</entry>
<entry key="server_port">8080</entry>
<entry key="mail_password"/>
<entry key="installation_directory">/opt/rapidminer</entry>
<entry key="license_key">mykey</entry>
<entry key="server_host"></entry>
<entry key="server_register_as_service">false</entry>
<entry key="mail_port">25</entry>
<entry key="server_service_linux_variant">SUSE</entry>
<entry key="mail_sender"/>
<entry key="memory_max">2048</entry>
<entry key="radoop_proxy_port">1081</entry>
<entry key="mail_url"/>
<entry key="server_service_name">RapidMiner_Server_7_5_1</entry>
<entry key="java_home"/>
<entry key="server_service_id">RMS751SVC</entry>
<entry key="server_host_bind_only">false</entry>
<entry key="radoop_proxy_enable">false</entry>
<entry key="mail_user"/>



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    rachel_lomaskyrachel_lomasky Member Posts: 52 Guru
    Solution Accepted

    The db_url is:

    <entry key="db_url">my_database.</entry>, where is the IP of my database machine.


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    Thomas_OttThomas_Ott RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,761 Unicorn

    @BalazsBarany any pointers for @rachel_lomasky?

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    BalazsBaranyBalazsBarany Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert Posts: 955 Unicorn

    Just to clarify:


    Some other databases have a different meaning of schema than PostgreSQL.


    In PostgreSQL, there's a "database" that can contain schemas. The default schema is "public". You can create schemas with "CREATE SCHEMA myschema" and deselect the "use default schema" checkbox in RapidMiner to refer your schema. 


    This works well, I use RapidMiner heavily with PostgreSQL.

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    rachel_lomaskyrachel_lomasky Member Posts: 52 Guru

    That's for the RM configuration tables, not the data that I am working with?

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