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Hi All,


I have a basic classification process that classifies any document and tells me the type of it.
Once I run the process, I see the results under the "Results" tab in RapidMiner studio.
In the results, I have some 8 special attributes and some 1,37,662 regular attributes.
I am just interested in those 8 special attributes and that is what I want in my output. I want to exclude those 1,37,662 regular attributes as they make the results very heavy and also dont make much sense for the end user.

Please let me know a way to do the same.


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    you can use Select Attributes, use all and invert the selection. Only special attributes will pass this selection.




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    vipul_kumarvipul_kumar Member Posts: 20 Contributor I

    Thanks. That serves the purpose. I had exposed the process as a REST API. And I used to get all those extra regular attributes which made my response very heavy and caused delays in rendering.



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