Preparing data for multiple variable time series

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Hi there,


I need to build a model for a business bankruptcy prediction. I have an excel with a list of companies and their financial variables of the last 10 years and I have a labeled column saying if the company broke in the last year. The purpose is to predict which ones can go bankruptcy the next year. 


My data is like:

Company    -   Date.  -     V1.    -     V2.    -    V3. ....     Vn.      Status

A                    2015           34          11            54           98        Normal

A                    2016           22          23            56           23        Normal

B                    2015           55          74            54           43        Normal

B                    2016           12          33            32           56        Normal

C                    2015           43          23            76           76        Normal

C                    2016           78          34            45           54        Bankruptcy


Do you know if is there a good example like my problem? Any good idea to prepare data?

Does a multiple variable time series predictor exists in RapidMiner?







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    Did you search for any the time series threads in this Community? the short answer is that yes, we can do multivariate time series but you will need to use a Windowing and Sliding Validatation opreator from our Series extension. 

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