What's been going on around the Community!

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First the news, then the links!


We have some great news, the Community hit a few milestones last week. Community member @sgenzer declared @bigD the winner of the first Community Data Challenge! This challenge was so much fun that we'll do another one in July, maybe something with an open data set. Keep your eyes peeled on the Community!


The next milestone was that we crossed over 250,000 Community Members! We'll be reaching out that member shortly and giving them some swag as a way to say thank you for being part of the Community!


Now the links!


1. K-means and Davis Boulbin! Community member @namachoco99 has some questions and @mschmitz helps him out.


2. The ongoing discussion about how to score a time series model in RapidMiner!


3. Want to convert Hex to Decimals in RapidMiner? Just use this handy script!


4. How do you communicate a Gradient Boosted Tree model to your boss or non Data Scientists?


5. Working with Radoop and Amazon's EMR Hadoop Distro.


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