Problems scheduling jobs on RM Server

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Hi All


I've got an process saved in my RM Server repository which is basically an 'Execute Process' operator which triggers a series of other processes which are stored in my local RM Studio repsitories. Both RM Studio and RM Server are running side by side on the same machine and are connected fine. But whenever I schedule the RM Server process to run it fails and produces the following error:


com.rapidminer.operator.UserError: Cannot retrieve repository data from entry '//Local Repository/processes/SFM_TABLE_REFRESH/SFM_FAULTS_REFRESH'. Reason: Requested repository Local Repository does not exist..


But if I run that exact same process which is stored on RM Server from within RM Studio it works fine. So the RM Server process has no problem executing, it just doesnt like being triggered from RM Server despite being stored on RM Server. I don't really understand how the error can be true, the local Repository does exist and it can find it, at least when triggered from RM Studio.


It's quite frustrating as I've built loads of processes with local repositories in RM Studio and I'd like to schedule some of them?






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    That warning indicates it's referencing a repository (data or process) that's on your local Studio. The Server can't execute that. You need to put the 'SFM_TABLE_REFRESH/SFM_FAULTS_REFRESH' process on the server. 


    This is done on purpose. People shut off their Studios and Server would have nothing to run if it references files on your laptop.

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    Thomas already gave you the correct explanation for the error message. This thread may give you a bit more detail around it.


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