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Dear all,


Is there an efficient way to select first n attributes from an example set? In my process I have reordered the attributes in ascending way. Now I want to proceed with just the first 5 attributes.


I was thinking of several combinations of "select attributes", "work ok subset", "branch", "loop attributes" but none of them worked.


Looking forward to any comments!



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    Wonder why I haven't seen this operator before but "remove attribute range" is the operator that solves my problem! It can be combined with "extract macro" to count the number of attributes first.



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    i would go for: Filter Examples (remove all), Transpose, Filter Examples Range (Select the atts you want), Transpose, Data to Weights. The result is a weight vector you can apply with Select by Weights to your original data set.



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    Hi Martin,


    Thanks for your help. That's indeed a good approach that could work but unfortunately not in my case. My example set has many many many attributes and just a few examples. Once I transpose the example set I exceed my license of 10.000 examples as there are even more attributes...


    Best regards


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