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RapidMiner Community User Guidelines


*Updated May 26th ,2016 *

RapidMiner welcomes you and your views to its Community. We want to make this a positive, safe and vibrant place to discuss RapidMiner, our products and disciplines of Data Science and Analytics. So here are some Basic facts, some Dos and some Don’ts.

The Basics

  • To post a new topic, or comment on an existing one you need to be logged in. Otherwise you can only read. To get a login hit the Register button.
  • The Community is made up of Forums, Blogs, Ideas areas and Knowledge Base (KB) articles.
  • Anyone can post or comment on a topic in a Forum or Ideas area. You need special rights to post a Blog or a KB. If you want to get these rights contact community@rapidminer.com with an outline of your ideas
  • If you like a topic or comment, blog or KB give it a “Like” – that’s the Thumbs Up Button. Likes help members gain a Rank in the Community
  • You can also get a rank in the Community through submitting questions and answers
  • This Community is moderated.
  • A full list of our Terms & Conditions is posted here: http://community.rapidminer.com/t5/Community-News/Community-Terms-amp-Conditions/m-p/3#M1

The Do’s

  • Ask questions. The Community is here to help
  • Answer questions. Your expertise and knowledge is what brings people back.
  • Vote on Ideas.
  • Give praise where praise is due. Hit that Like button
  • Tell others when a reply is an “Accepted Solution”. The next person to search will see the Accepted Solution first.
  • Help to Moderate the Community Yourself: We have moderators, but your proactive reporting of content will help keep us a Spam and Troll-Free Zone.
  • Be yourself and only yourself. Be open about who you are, your affiliations and tastes. Keep one account only.
  • Report abuse if you come across it.
  • Share on social media. See something you like in our Community, feel free to tell others.



The Don'ts

  • There are plenty of other places to do that.
  • Troll or slam. We will only delete your post. Persistent offenders will be barred.
  • Pose as a member of RapidMiner staff, or, indeed, anyone that you are not.
  • Soliciting members
  • Disclose any information that belongs to someone else, or may compromise their privacy.

And If That Doesn’t Work…


If you have complaints, questions, concerns, or just feedback - positive or critical - please get in touch with us on the Community Matters board or via email to community@rapidminer.com

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