REGEX string freezes RapidMiner Studio

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Hi, I don't know in which forum to report a freeze of RapidMiner. Therefore Developer.

I was using REGEX using the operator Replace on Attribute using REGEX.


I was trying to remove CSS like tags from a text.

RapidMinder Studio freezes after i added the ( and the ) in the above REGEX string.

The REGEX with ( and ) might look like a REGEX error but that wasn't indicated in the field. It just freezes.
Tried it a few times but same freeze. Using  v7.5003 on OSX with 32GB.

Btw: the "Recover Process" functionality works great! Back to where I was before adding the ( and ).



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    did you have a look at rapidminer-studio.log located at $USER/.RapidMiner/ ? This should indicate if this is a java out of memory or an regex error.




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