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I tried to follow the instructions on this tutorial ( http://nemoz.org/joomla/content/view/64/53/lang,de/) on how to use Rapidminer for webcrawling. Unfortunatly I cannot enable the graph view for my crawling results. I am using Rapidminer 4.4 and Textplugin 4.4.

Second, the crawler generates a similarity measure. This similarity denotes the similarity between pages. This similarity is one, if two pages are directly connected and zero otherwise. This is especially well-suited for visualization. Choose the similarity measure and then the graph view in the result pane and you will obtain an undirected link graph of the crawled pages, that may look like the following...
1. I don't have the "similarity measure", instead i have a "link matrix"
2. I don't have anything like "graph" in the plots view.

Is there anything I'm missing or I could have done wrong?



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    landland RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 2,531 Unicorn
    Hi Chris,
    the tutorial is somehow outdated in this point. Since RapidMiner is primary a data mining tool, we had to sacrifice this visualization feature for much better similarity measures. If you indeed need this graphical visualization, you might switch to a previous version of rapid miner.

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    rapidneorapidneo Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    Hi Sebastian,

    thanks for your reply.

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