Replace Realms with Variable templates in RM Server

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Hi Rapidminers!


I know that you are working on ways to make web apps somehow exportable. I think a nice step in this direction would be to remove the need for realms. I sincerely find them unnecesary, and to make it worst they are mandatory!


I would just use domain templates, which should be exportable. That way we still save time in app development without compromising future deployment in another server. It would work for example as a drop down list during variable creation, and it would just set the parameters for the variable, nothing more.


In any case all domain information should be saved in the app object, to make it standalone (aside from modifying paths).




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    Actually, not Domain templates... but Realm templates.  
    Exportable Realm templates is a great idea.  That way all the logic from the apps can still be shared easily between different ones, but the central admin can still modify them if needed and allow control more granularly.  For example, if multiple departments are using the same server they can have access to some realms, but not others.  

    The realm logic can be held in an XML file as it isn't a large amount of data.  

    Matching to legacy Realms in the database can be done by scripting an XML creation script which runs on RM Server and reads the repository and converts the rr_ent_realm & rr_ent_domain tables into XML.  


    Doing this also opens up the future possibility for developers to create their own Domain data types as extensions.  



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