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hi guys, first i am absolutly novice... i realy need help to figure all this stuff out... i watched the video tuts several times but still can't oriented in the mess. to start with something easy /just to get fammiliar with the interface and functions i prepared an excele tab with onlu two columns. the furst ny clients from 1 to 22 /in simple numbers/, and the second with number of orders they sent to the print shopp last year. i would like to know which one of them is most likely to put an order in the future. can someone guide me trough the process? thank you




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    Hello Charlie - 


    Glad you're getting started with RapidMiner.  Have you tried watching the "Getting Started with RapidMiner" video series on YouTube?  This is a nice way to walk you through data import, ETL, and modeling as you have described.  You can find the playlist here:


    Feel free to reach out with more questions!


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