Issue with calculating a value in Generate Attribute

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I have two columns, Price 1 and Price 2. 


Price 1 is of type integer and Price 2 is of type Nominal. 


I only want to create an additional column Price difference (%) which divides price 1 with price 2 in Generate Attributes.


Using two different types (real & Nominal) generates the error message ' Error evaluating exprisions. Must have arguments of the same type' which sounds reasonable. However, when I change the Price 1 column to Nominal (Numerical to Polynominal) and both have type Nominal i receive the following error message 'Must have arguments of the type 'Numerical'). Not sure what the best approach here would be? 

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    Hi - probably the easiest thing is to use the "parse" function in Generate Attributes on any attribute that is nominal. This way you keep the attribute as nominal in your dataset (assuming that's what you want) and still perform the calculations.

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