Cannot connect rapidminer studio to rapidminer server

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 I am trying to connect to a rapidminer server on another machine.  I am using version 7.6 of both products - which are working fine.


When I click on Create Repository I am only provided with two prompts Alias and Root Directory.  


From the documentation it appears that my options should be: to include the http location of the server, server username, server password.


What are the steps I need to do in order to connect to reapidminer server (on another machine) from rapidminer






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    Hi thank you for your very thorough reply.  The issue I was having was that on the last screen on your series, I was only seeing two prompts:  Alias and Root Directory.  Previosuly I had no problem until I installed RapidMiner 7.6


    I did a reinstall of Rapid 7.6 and followed the same steps and the last screen then showed the 4 prompts (including the http server location) and not the two as it did before.  


    This can be closed.


    I very much appreciate your help though.


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    FBTFBT Member Posts: 106 Unicorn

    1. Click on the drop-down next to "Add Data" in the "Repository" panel

    Step 1.png


    2. Select "Create repository"

    Step 2.png


    3. Check the radio button "New RapidMiner Server repository" and click "Next"

    Step 3-4.png


    4. Enter your connection settings and click "Finish":

    Step 5.png

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    thank you @FBT for the great response with screenshots!



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