"How do I update RapidMiner Server using the EAR file"

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You can update RapidMiner Server using these quick steps

  1. Stop your RapidMiner Server instance.  
    • In Windows verify that all services related to RapidMiner have stopped.

  2. Backup your RapidMiner Server Database
    • If you have never backed up a DB a tool like mysql workbench would be very helpful.
  3. Backup your RapidMiner extension library - to determine the location of your RapidMiner Server extensions directory, from the RapidMiner Server home page open Administration and then System Settings. The value of the com.rapidanalytics.plugindir system setting indicates the location of the directory.

  4. Replace the EAR file with the most recent version available from rapidminer.com
    • /RapidMiner/standalone/deployments/rapidminer-server-2.3.2.ear 

  5. Rename deployment marker to “dodeploy”

    • /RapidMiner/standalone/deployments/rapidminer-server-2.3.2.ear.deployed

      ----> /RapidMiner

  6. If you have extensions running with your RapidMiner Server you want to update them at marketplace.rapidminer.com
  7. Restart your RapidMiner Server instance or instances
  8. Log on as an admin into RapidMiner Server to verify there are no update steps needed to be applied to your database.  
You can find steps for rolling back an update of this style

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