Correlation mtrix calculations

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Actually I just need help with two sources.

I need a confirmation about the calculations made in rapid miner. They are basically R^2, arent they? does anyone know where I can find a written confirmation for my Bachelor's Thesis?

And can anyone tell me a reliable source that describes the minimum R^2 that actually indicated a correlation? how would i determine one for a biological system?


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    hi @schoeani - you can check out the documentation to that operator here.  As it says, the range is -1 to 1, so it clearly cannot be r^2, right?  :)  If you look further, you will see that there's an option in the parameters pane for r^2.


    As for minimum r^2, that is a stats question that has a LOT of info elsewhere.  It really depends on what you're doing.  I would look at research in your field.  You can also look at Wolfram MathWorld which is my usual go-to source for mathematics reference.



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