Selenium Chrome Negative Testing for Textbox freezes the page

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So I am doing negative testing for a numeric textbox to guarantee that invalid images are evacuated by the onchange() occasion. The issue happens when you test the " image.

Already, my venture utilized Firefox, which tossed a javascript blunder popup, yet changed to Chrome a week ago.

Chrome does not give me any cautions, the Selenium Training program solidifies. You can explore, include tabs, close the "Chrome is being controlled via computerized test programming" bar, et cetera. The real perusing territory is the thing that stops, no popup happens.

After a sufficiently long hold up the chrome DOS window shows

[859.106][SEVERE]: Timed out recieving message from renderer: 600.000

My understood holds up are set to 0, generally different tests go over the 15 minute time restrict.

Is there an approach to get this stop from the comfort? Any arrangements that can help fall flat this test before the 15 minute stamp are valued. I can't alter the program settings unless there is a path through the alternatives as we have roughly 120 test vms that I am not approved to tinker with settings on.

We are utilizing webdriver 4.0.30319 and chrome driver 2.29.461591



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    hello @soujanyanaganur - it is good to have you here at RapidMiner.  I am a bit curious about your post...were you intending to talk about Selenium and Google Chrome?  It is not a normal topic around here.  We normally geek out on data science and RapidMiner  :)



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