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Hello eveyone

The attributes of my table are the following


Year   Student name    Grade in Geography     Grade in history   etc.


I would like to calculate the average grade and standard deviation for each of my students in each subject on several years. I though that the PIVOT operator was the right one for that. But whatever  the weight aggregation (sum, standard deviation) I always obtain the highest grade for each student, not the average one or the standard deviation.

Could you help ?

Jean Claude

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    Please have a look at the Aggregate operator. This looks like what you want to have. Please note that there is a difference between excel pivot and rapidminer pivot.

    RapidMiner implements pivot like in Databases. The Excel pivot is in rapidminer language a Pivot + Aggregate.




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    I think this is something that can be easier achieved using the "Generate Attribute" operator. For the average, you can just use the "avg" function as a function expression in this operator's panel. In terms of standard deviation, I don't think the "Generate Attribute" operator has a built-in function for this, but you can easily write it yourself.

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    jean_claude_vanjean_claude_van Member Posts: 5 Contributor I

    Thanks a lot

    The aggregate operator is perfect for what I want to do

    Jean claude

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