Changed behaviour of "Enable Operator" in RM 7.6

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Hi community,


I have noticed that the behaviour of "Enable Operator" has changed in RapidMiner 7.6. Up until RM 7.5 when a connected (input and output) operator was disabled, the connection stayed intact between the previous and the next operator. This was quite helpful, in cases where an operator should be deleted without making a new connection, especially in cases with an irregular operator order, in which adding the connection back in changes the process order.


RM 7.6, however, not only disable the desired operator, but also deletes the entire connection to and from it. This happens only in processes that also have been built in RM 7.6. It behaves as previously when a process was originally built in an earlier version of RM.


Is this behaviour something that others can replicate and confirm? If so, is this a bug or a feature? 




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    You can control that behavior in  Preferences. There is a setting in User Interface named "Disconnect Operators when Disabled". Just uncheck it. 


    Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.20.45 PM.png

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    Thanks for your response earmijo, but this is not quite what I mean. Please take a look at this picture:


    Disabled Operator.png

    Up until RM 7.5, when you disabled an operator (and had set in the preferences that the connection should remain), the connections to and from the disabled operator disappeared, but remained between the preceding and succeeding operator. Basically you could disable an operator without affecting any connections. 


    Now, in RM 7.6 you can only select to keep the connections to and from the disabled operator, but there is no way to replicate the behaviour it had up until RM 7.5.


    In most situations, this doesn't matter that much, as one can simply re-connect the active operators, in my example case "Log" and "Store". However, when the order of the process is in such a manner that after "Log" there are other operators that should be executed first, before "Store" is executed, then making this connection throws off the order and executes "Store" directly after "Log", unless you manually change the order back to what it was before "Log to Data" was disabled. 


    I found the behaviour it had up until RM 7.5 tremendously helpful and hope it will be coming back at some point.

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