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Hallo community,


I would like to measure the precise time a process is running (in ms). The process in question is run on RM Server and is triggered, whenever a call to the service is made. All RM processes have by default the macro "process_start", although I am not sure, if it really measures the starting value I am looking for. Hence I was wondering, what the best way would be to get the precise process start and end time for RM services, as those are not logged, unless you build the log within the process. 


The best I could come up with is either generating attributes with date_millis() or macros in the same way and then calculate the process time. However, this would add time to the process (which should be kept at a minimum) and I can't really say, if this only an unsignificant amout (in my specifice case < 5ms) or more.


Has somebody else found a better solution for this? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    for scheduled processes you could utilize the ra_ent_scheduledprocess table. The columns are called startTime and completionTime. The processes which are executed as web service will create a log line with a timestamp:

    09:42:51,806 INFO  [com.rapidminer.Process.12] (http-/ Process //WebserviceLocation starts
    09:42:51,809 INFO [com.rapidminer.Process.12] (http-/ Process //WebServiceLocation finished successfully after 0 s




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    there is a data base table you can access and get the data for every process. You just need DB access for it. @mmichel or @hhomburg do know the table name.




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