Replacement for PaReN or IDA for 7.3x

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Hi.  I have been away from RM for about two years.  In the past I used the Automated System Construction feature to do initial explorations and automatically set up some of the data pre-processing for me.   It appears that neither of these two plugins are actively maintained and I was wondering if the community has any suggestions for similar funcationality.  Thanks.  Chris



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    AFAIK, those extensions haven't been developed in years and that's a shame. I rather liked them. Those extension were the first foray into the "auto machine learning" space that companies like H2O and DataRobot are doing today, except RM did it first IMHO.


    Of course you can build processes and subprocesses to mimic the extensions. I seem to remember that @mschmitz created a building block that was similar to Randy Olsen's TPOT process, which is automated ETL work.  


    Perhaps you can ping the developer: http://madm.dfki.de/contact and hire him to update the plugin?



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