My Decision Tree Shows only one Node

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I want to use ratio gain decision tree.but I dont know any thing about"confidence parameter".

I want to know that in which formula it used?

and what is the best value for this parameter?


another question is that does rapidminer support C5.0??

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    hello @e_serkani_e - welcome to the community.  Having a decision tree with one node usually implies that your decision tree is not a useful model.  It's saying that no matter what the inputs, it is always going to one node.


    As for learning about confidence levels, there are many resources out there.  I would highly recommend looking at a book on data mining to get a full explanation.  The one I used many years ago, "Data Mining for the Masses" is still a free e-book and can be found here.  Dr. North just republished it in a 2nd edition which is quite nice.  There is also "Predictive Analytics and Data Mining" by Kotu & Deshpande which is excellent.  Both books have numerous examples of RapidMiner processes and detailed explanations of all parameters e.g. confidence levels.





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