Expectation Maximization Performance Improvement Techniques???

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I am using Expectation Maximization for Data Mining purposes. The resulted probabilities are very poor. I am trying to enhance the EM performance results (the probabilities of each point to belong to a certain cluster). Is there anybody who can help me by proposing some solutions?


I thought of using K-means output as an EM input, which I dont know how to accomplish because RapidMiner tutorials did not cover such a solution.


RapidMiner tutorials are very limited and I find it extremely difficult to learn RapidMiner as a beginner user :(


Please help!


  • Ftoon_KedwanFtoon_Kedwan Member Posts: 3 Contributor I

    So nobody ever worked with EM before?

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    Hello @Ftoon_Kedwan - welcome to the community.  I'm not sure that people really understand your question.  Perhaps you can be more specific about what you are trying to do and pasting your process XML in this thread using the </> tool?  Then we can take a look and go from there.



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