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Anyone try this?  It came across my path today and it's an interesting take.








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    "Because Numerai abstracts its financial data, data scientists do not know what the data represents and human biases and overfitting are overcome."
    Going to read their whitepaper now, but that sentence jars with me.

    Update: have read the whitepaper, it's basically Kaggle... but for the stock market & with only one client... the Hedgefund.
    As far as I understand it, you join them submit your best algorithm and they then test it against the other submitted algorithms. If you rank on their leaderboard & it performs well in simulation they pay you a little bit of bitcoin. They then use the best algorithms for trading, but they don't reveal to anyone how those trades are performing.

    It's not really AI... it's CI (crowdsourced intelligence).
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