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I'm having trouble connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server (JTDS) database using RapidMiner Studio 7.6.  It connects to the master database but we are trying to connect to a specific database within. I have included the database name in the "Database scheme" box but it still won't work even though it says connection is good. Is there a specific format or setting that I am missing? 



Thank you for any help! 





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    Did you try to set it as below ?



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    Hi kayman,


    Yes, I did. The connection seems to be set up just fine since I can pull from the master database.  But I'm trying to connect to a database within the master database and that's where it seems to fail.


    Here is a screenshot of my connection details (hiding the specific server and database names). It seems that no matter what I put in the Database scheme box, the connection won't go any farther than the master database. 




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    I can only state how it works for my SQL settings, but I did it as follows :


    the host field only contains my server IP (or server name), nothing else

    the database scheme is databasename;instance=instance


    But, i only need to use the instance for dbases where it is defined, for most of my connections it is enough to use only the database name as schema entry (so excluding the instance part), which works both using JTDS and Microsoft server.


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    Thank you for the reply.


    The database I'm trying to connect to isn't housed on my machine so using the server name or IP address won't work in this case. I appreciate the help though!

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