connect Radoop 7.6.1 to a CDH 5.11.2 hadoop cluster

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I want to connect Radoop to my CDH 5.11.2 Hadoop cluster, but when doing the quick test i get always a SEVERE: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException.

To instanciate this connection i have followed the steps explained on your website to import the hadoop config files. I have a connection timeout of 30 seconds in the Radoop preferences (maybe that helps)
While running the quick test it reachs test number 4 and then breaks.


Our hadoop cluster is a VM with an Edge Node, which make it impossible to connect directly to other nodes only through him.

Could it be the problem?

Please let me know if you need any extra infos, i will be glad to provide it.



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    Radoop is capable of accessing all nodes through an edge node. This is what the Radoop Proxy is for, it is a custom network SOCKS proxy that can be installed together with RapidMiner Server on an edge node, and it is also capable of authenticating the user that can access the cluster. Please check the documentation on its setup:



    The HDFS test itself only talks to the NameNode, later tests also try the connection to DataNodes as well.




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