Sentiment analysis of text with own dictionary (SentiWS)

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I am trying to do a sentiment analysis of a huge set of data (all in Excel, news on daily basis: column 1 = date, column 2 = headline, column 3 = text). Additionally to that I have a dictionary (SentiWS) with words and weighting for each word (excel file aswell).


What I have done so far: Importing the dictionary (Read Excel), (Data to Documents), (Processing Documents) - this provides me with a list of words and their weighting.


Furthermore I know how to tokenize the text from the daily news, but how can I compare the tokens from the news and the words from my dictionary, so that I can tell wheather one news is positive or negative?


Thanks for replies

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    Have a look on Dictionary Based Sentiment Analysis operator which is in operator toolbox extension. That should help :).




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