I don´t no how to join differents database with the same tittles or headlines

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i have different list of clients with the same headlines, the thing is that the databases are huge! i have 13 databases with more than 450,000 observations ich..


how can i join them in one single table? 






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    Ok, that seems to be something you could do with the "Join" operator.  Did you try to use it?  If yes, what is the specific problem you have?




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    If all the attributes are exactly the same (same names, same data type, etc.) then you could also use Append.

    But depending on whether you are running RapidMiner Studio locally, and the size/memory of your machine, this may be something that you are better off doing inside your database environment first.  Pulling millions of records into memory for merge operations is going to be a challenge for most desktops.  If you are using RapidMiner Server and have that class of hardware available, it is a different story.



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