When RapidMiner stops updating visually, but CPU and Java are being HEAVILY used, is it still going?

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Is it still running the operations or has it frozen?


Should I try to wait it out? 


Is there anyway to check if Rapidminer is still processing when the taskbar at the bottom stops updating?


The 'aggregate' and 'loop values' operaters are so badly optimized....



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    781194025781194025 Member Posts: 32 Contributor I

    follow-up Question:


    since Rapidminer is now limiting itself to 1 logical processor, does turning off hyper-threading speed it up? 


    unfortunately I bought a Ryzen CPU cuz I figured all the cores would be great for RapidMiner. OOPS.  


    what bios / OC adjustments could I make to run RapidMiner faster?  



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    hello @781194025 - so yes, it is not unusual to have RapidMiner running hard on a CPU/Memory-intensive process and not responsive during this time.  I often go to my Activity Monitor and see whether or not it seems that RapidMiner is "doing something" to decide whether to abort.  More often than not, RapidMiner is just working hard and will sort itself out eventually.


    As for your other questions, they all lead to the same answer: a paid license of RapidMiner.  We have worked very hard on improving performance in many areas with the utilization of muliple cores, etc..  But we need to pay our engineers to do this amazing work.  The free license of RapidMiner is sufficient for many users but if you are beginning to push it that hard, only a paid license will give you the performance you are looking for.



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